Today marks the commemoration of one of America’s greatest movement makers. An inspirational giant that would stop at nothing to see his dream unfold into reality. Standing on the principle that our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter, he refused to to allow fear and indifference maintain the status quo. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for the equality and freedoms that he so passionately believed in based on the foundational principles the framers built into our great nation’s constitution. Awakened by his purpose and confronted by his passion, we want to ask you- what are your dreams and what do you believe in? What will you make your life about? What’s holding you back?

Our hope at Insource Insurance Agency is to help you create a life where you are too busy chasing your dreams and pursuing your passions to worry about the risk involved. We’ve got your back while you travel more, do more, see more, accomplish more, act more, move more and live more. With the tension of apprehension behind you, what possibilities lie ahead of you? What if today doesn’t have to be a repeat of today? What if there could be a better way to do life? What if you had no regrets?

Get inspired by a man who believed in a better world and create your best world today. Call our agent for a consultation so you can get started living more: 949-485-5467.

​Five New Year’s Resolutions that could lower your insurance rates.

The turn of the New Year can sometimes feel daunting when setting resolutions and projecting goals for the next 365 days, especially if 2014 revealed more than a few areas of improvement. But don’t allow 2015’s blank slate to overwhelm you, we are here to see you succeed!
Now is the time to find hope in starting fresh on a new path for you and your family. So here are five practical resolutions that will improve your standard of living and save you money by lower your insurance rates.

1. Lose Weight.
Sure, it’s on everyone’s goal list, but what if you could not only feel better, but also receive reconsideration on your life insurance rating on your existing life insurance policy? Improved health could actually save you anywhere from 5-15% on your life insurance rates. Here is your extra motivation to go on a walk, sign up for that gym membership and eat healthier food

2. Turn off your phone while driving.
It is becoming more and more normal to see drivers using a phone while operating their vehicle. If you are interested in lowering your car insurance, resolve to turn off your phone on the road. Ditching your phone while driving will decrease risk of accidents and traffic violations which can increase your car insurance premium. Save yourself the risk or actual damage of an accident by waiting to use your phone until you are parked or have arrived at your destination.

3. Quit smoking.
Smoking dramatically increases the price of life insurance. We all know smoking is not good for your health, so if you have considered quitting for any other reasons, add saving on your life insurance to the list. Non-smokers save on permanent life insurance, such as whole and universal life, as well as disability and long-term care insurance.

4. Make your home safer.
Feeling safe and secure in your home is important, but your precautionary efforts can also save on your homeowners insurance. It could be as simple as adding deadbolts to your door lock or renovating with fire safe materials. Contact our agent for more details.

5. Improve your credit.
Several insurance companies consider your credit score when factoring your home and car insurance premiums. To improve your credit, request a free credit report through and follow instructions to correct any factual errors.  Another simple task to evaluate your financial status and start on the path of improvement for a better standard of living for yourself and your family.

Regardless of what 2016 looked like for you, this New Year is your opportunity to grow and improve your quality of life. Our hope is to make that process more simple and worry free, so don’t freeze when it comes to your resolutions; call our agent today to begin your journey on a fantastic year.

​​​As residents of the great state of California, braving the vast maze of concrete highways and byways, freeways and expressways is an accepted norm in the routine of daily life. With such a high volume of drivers navigating these roads, it is inevitable that accidents occur. Where we hope these misfortunes never involve ourselves or our loved ones, there are still precautionary measures we can inform ourselves and our families in what to do in the event that we are ever involved in an accident.

Here are four things you need to know to do in the event of an accident:

  • Safety first: if you or others involved in the accident are injured, call 911 immediately. Move your car to a safe place, if possible.
  • Gather information: collect names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance company information, vehicle make/model and tag numbers for ALL parties involved in the accident.
  • Take pictures: take photos of the accident scene, damage and all injuries resulting from the collision.
  • Call your insurance agent: call your Insource Agency agent to report the accident as soon as possible. Agents can guide you on deductibles, auto body shops and rental car information.

We hope you never know the inconvenience of a car accident, but in the event of this misfortune we have your back and are available to support you through the rectification of the complications.


What is your dream?


What to do in an accident


Storing your belongings in the most secured self storage unit still comes with the same risks as having them in your own home. Don’t let locks, security and cement walls deter you from reading fine print. THIS ARTICLE shares about the risks that overlooking precautions will incur.

Here are four things to consider regarding insurance for belongings being stashed at a self-storage facility.


Your self-storage rent doesn’t automatically include insurance coverage. Call our agent to ensure that all of your belongings can be covered.


If you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, read through your policy or call our agent to see whether possessions kept in your storage unit are covered.



If you decide to buy coverage from a self-storage facility, you should come up with an estimate of how much your stored items are worth.
Bottom line; whatever reason you decide to store your valuables and priceless belongings, don’t assume the self-storage company will assume any responsibility for the well-being of your stuff. Read the fine print or call our agent for more guidance on how to care for your things.​

Is Your Stuff Secure in Self-Storage?


Five New Year’s Resolutions that could lower your insurance rates.


Starting a family is one of life’s greatest adventures. Nothing compares to the day your welcome your first child into your home. The transition covers all spectrum's of emotions, but nothing compares to the feeling of wanting to protect and care for your precious child.  Part of that process includes baby-proofing your home and our hope is to support you in creating a home that is a haven for you and your family.

Here are three easy ways for you to make sure your home is baby-safe:

1. Keep phone chargers and laptop cords away and out of reach.

Cords are serious dangers to children. Put chargers high up and out of reach. The same goes for power strips and extension cords. Try snaking them behind or on top of furniture where little exploring hands can’t get to them.

2. Secure your furniture.

Desks, chairs, tables, shelves, and other pieces of furniture are fun to climb on…but if they’re not secured with wall restraints or brackets, they could tip over.

3. Use new outlet covers with sliding doors.

Try using newer outlet covers with sliding doors. They give you quick access to the outlet if you need it, automatically cover it safely when you’re not using it, and you never have to remove them…so no choking hazards.

That’s why the best practice for baby proofing is always just to keep a watchful eye on your baby and keep them out of trouble!

Insurance Misconceptions Debunked


What if you could create a rich legacy; a life maximized with meaning? To be fully present to your loved ones, because at the end of the day you know you gave them your best. When you consider what motivates you, what drives your daily decisions, for me it is ultimately my family. Aside from providing for my wife and daughters, I can breathe easy knowing that even when we are apart, I have made the best decisions in protecting them with the safety net of proper insurance. Because undoubtedly, life happens in ways we can never anticipate and where those fears or worries can overwhelm us as parents or breadwinners, simple steps to set up insurance policies can cover those ways life tends to interrupt our expectations.

It is my privilege to provide others that same gift of assurance for their families. Yesterday, I was able to save a client $375.00 every 6 months, with the same carrier that he had been with for years, by asking questions and applying credits that were due to him that his other agent completely ignored. This is a small victory where he now has more financial cushion to apply to the needs of his family.

In October, Insource Insurance Agency was recognized for the ‘Best of Laguna Niguel Award.’ Each year, the Laguna Niguel Award Program identifies companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community.

My hope is to share my passion of loving our families well by guiding you through the most beneficial insurance policy for you. My first priority is you and what is right for your family to assure every moment counts. Give us a call for a consultation and I will sit down with you to set your family up for success. Not just financially, but in preparedness so that you can make the most of every moment.
-John 949-485-5467

How to baby-proof your home


How to be an even safer driver


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Driving safely in the fog.

While the rest of the country digs out of snowmageddon blizzards this winter, California residents forget that it even is winter. So while you may not ever need to keep an ice scraper or a snow shovel handy in your car, there are still helpful tools to help you be a smart driver in various weather conditions. One of those conditions, especially for those of you who reside closer to the coast, are those exceptionally foggy mornings during your commute to work. Although fog doesn’t necessarily affect the landscape of the road, fog consists of tiny water droplets that spread and reflect light, causing high visibility hazards.

It is important to remember that weather demands a driver’s undivided attention. The first simple steps toward being a safe driver are to turn down the radio and minimize other distractions, especially cell phones.

 Here are the top safety tips for driving in heavy fog.

1. Always headlights, never brights. Remember to turn on your low-beam headlights to help other drivers see you, rather than high beams which cause more of a hazard.

2. Sharpen your other senses.  If you can, roll down your window to help you hear other traffic on the road better.

3. Stay focused on the road. Driving in fog is not a time for multi-tasking. Turn down the radio, stop conversations with other passengers and keep your attention on the road.

Take driving seriously to keep yourself and others safe on the road. If you have any other questions on ways you can be a better driver and lower your car insurance costs, call our agent with all your questions!

​​​​​​​Personal poll -- tell us:
Why do you personally buy insurance?
1. You have experienced an accident or disaster and recognize a need.
2. You pay because a friend or family member advised to do so.
3. You aren't really sure why or what you are paying for.

We know you might be overwhelmed; the daily grind can prevent any of us from making critical proactive life decisions, resulting in more reactionary choices. Mapping out an appropriate insurance plan for you and your family, your home or your business might not be at the top of your "can't-wait- to-do list." But we want to guide you into the most informed decision so you can rest at ease while you chase your dreams at work, protect and provide for your family and enjoy your home. Here are a few misconceptions to help better educate you in your insurance IQ:

Myth: I have "full coverage" auto insurance means I'm covered for any circumstance.
Truth: "Full coverage" is a frequently used term, but is not an actual type of coverage. So while you may have liability, collision, and comprehensive protection, your policy may be lacking in other types of coverage, such as uninsured motorist protection or reimbursement for emergency roadside assistance or rental cars.

Myth:  Homeowners insurance covers earthquake damage.
Truth: There is no national group that handles earthquake insurance. Instead, policies are sold by state agencies such as the California Earthquake Authority. Similar to flood coverage, about 1 out of every 3 homeowners believes damage from earthquakes is covered by homeowner’s insurance coverage.

Myth: Only Breadwinners Need Life Insurance Coverage
Truth: The cost of replacing the services formerly provided by a deceased homemaker can be higher than you think, and insuring against the loss of a homemaker may make more sense than one might think, especially when it comes to cleaning and daycare costs.

Myth: Your policy will cover the cost of all personal belongings lost in a disaster.
Truth: Depreciation is usually factored in, unless optional replacement coverage is selected and the coverage, regardless of the chosen settlement method, is subject to a deductible. Most insurance policies contain a payment cap for replacing valuables, although additional coverage can easily be purchased.

Myth: Not at fault accidents do not affect my rate.
Truth: Unfortunately, this is not always true. Some companies can increase your premium based on a not at fault accident. It really depends on the insurance company. If you have a not at fault accident on your record, you can contact your carrier to see if it affects your rate.

Talk to an Agent
Insurance misconceptions hold many people back from getting the coverage they need. Never make assumptions about your insurance coverage without first contacting an agent. What you don't know — or what you assume — could cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Don't let what you don't know, overwhelm you. Talk to our agent to verify anything you've heard about insurance coverage so we can leave you rested assured that you and your family and business are covered into the New Year.